What is a template?

A template is taken at the actual level and size that your new solid surface top will be manufactured to. The template is crafted on site, outlining appliance locations, overhangs, polished edges; everything that is necessary to manufacture the stone benchtops accurately.

When can I have my kitchen templated?

Templates occur when all base cabinets are fitted, this includes; doors, drawers and end panels. All Cabinets must be securely fastened to the wall to ensure that the templates are being crafted at the correct position. If it is a renovation, existing tops must be taken off prior to templating.

How do I organize my template date?

A template date is coordinated with the Project Co-coordinator after an order is placed.

How much notice do I need to give for a template date?

As soon as you know when your new cabinets are being installed/old tops removed, please contact the Project Coordinator to set a template date. A minimum of two weeks’ notice is appreciated.

Why do I need my appliances on site for a template?

Appliances are required on site to make sure that they are placed in correct position on template in order for installation to be correct and to ensure appliances fit to our tops (clearances front and back).

What time will template maker be on site?

You will receive a call the day before your pre-organized template date to advise you of your approximate template time (please note; unforeseen circumstances, whilst are allowed for may be out of control of the timing indicated). The template will provide 1/2hr notice on the day.

How long do templates take?

Each job varies and the Project Coordinator will be able to give more information based on individual jobs. On average allow for 1 -2hrs.

Are joints as per templates?

The purpose of templates is for template maker to provide factory with correct measurements for bench top manufacturing and position of appliances, correct overhangs and to assess the site and cabinetry.

Can I be notified of joint positions?

Yes, only when templates are returned to factory and checked by the Production Coordinator.

Where will my joints be located?

Joint positions are assessed by the Production Coordinator. Joint positions are set by; slab size, strength, manufacturers’ guidelines and aesthetics.

What if I change my appliances after the templates have been created?

Please notify the Production Coordinator if any changes to the area have been made after the templates. This will affect the templates and the job may need to be re-templated. This will cause a delay in the installation date.

What if my kitchen is smaller or larger then sizes on contract?

The templates can still go ahead and once they are returned to factory a variation order will get organized by the Production Coordinator. The variation order will be emailed for confirmation.

Do I need to be on site for templates?

Yes. A site measure order is required to be signed and after the templates are created, this is how your kitchen will be cut and installed. It is very important you are there to sign and approve the templates.

I am getting stone splash backs as well, when will they be templated?

The splash backs are measured after the kitchen benchtops are installed. A booking will be arranged to occur the day after your benchtop installation.

Do you really need my appliances to be brought back to factory?

Not all appliances are needed to go back to the factory. Under mount sinks and flush mount sinks are necessary-you will be advised and appliances will be returned with the installers.

How long after my template date will the tops be installed?

Between 9-11 working days. You will be advised by the Project Coordinator.

I have an appliance cupboard-can this be installed before my tops are on?

Please install any appliance cupboards after the benchtop installation.

What time will the installers be on site?

You will receive a call the day before the installation date to be advised of the approximated time the installers will be arriving. You will then receive a confirmation call half hour prior to the installers arriving on site.

How long will installation take?

It depends on the size of the kitchen. On average, please allow 2-3hrs.

Do I have to be on site during the installation?

We do ask that you are on site during installation, however if you do leave, we ask that you return prior to completion to sign the installation form.

Can I make payments to the templaters/installers?

We ask that all payments are made through our head office.

What if I have any queries in regards to the installation?

Please contact the Production Coordinator if you have any queries within 24 hrs.

What do I need to get a quote?

A diagram, plan or dimensions of your kitchen will allow us to quote your new benchtops.

When can my sink and hotplate be installed?

Please allow 24hrs after your benchtop installation to install any appliances-please ensure that all appliances are installed using silicone only.

I have an under mount sink, can this fit in the stone?

There are requirements that need to be met for under mount sinks. Please enquire with our staff that can provide you with more information.